जो देख रहे थे तमाशा ,

गुनाहगार तो वो भी हैं-साहब ।
हाथ तो एक का था,

लूटा तो सबकी नज़रों ने था॥


            हमसफर  ढूँढते हो??????


                    किसी एक में ढूंढो
             यूं जो सबके हो जाया करते हो ।


              यूं किसी का हुआ नहीं करते ॥


While others intelligent people were fighting for *Mosque* and for *Temple*…….

Two innocent children named Rehman and Nishant were praying for school and hospital for their better life style……

(being unaware that this is the only way they so-called intelligent  people have to save the existence of their GOD of each religion)


After rejecting seven guys who asked her about her virginity….

(Whether she had been touched by none)

On the end of conversation to the next one….she asked curiously “didn’t u asked anything about virginity”

He smiled & reply…” I’ll for sure”….

In evening she got a sms asking ” madam,would u like to marry a person who is not virgin by body but by soul”…

(And she finally found her gentlemen)